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Yes! This Contains The Same Methodologies I Used To Turn Around My Own Life And FINALLY Start Living The Life I Had Dreamed About!

From: Joshua Farley
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear friend,

My name is Joshua Farley and I want to tell you about "The Entrepreneur Shortcut" -- a book I wrote to help entrepreneurs find success in their businesses.


How many of you are entrepreneurs who are struggling to get your business to where you need it to be?

How often are you 

derailed from what you are doing, because you aren’t quite sure what to do...or what steps to take in you business?

So, you find yourself digging through article after article, video after video,
because you feel overwhelmed by a lack of results

And so you go looking for that proverbial “nugget” that will turn everything around for you?


And how many times have you spent hours looking at this and that, only to find yourself doing the same thing, the very next week?


Still stuck there...spinning your tires.


Still drowning in overwhelm...


...feeling victim to your own indecisiveness...


Have you ever wished you could finally get a succinct plan in place?


....something you KNEW would WORK?


What if you could fast track your learning and get on course sooner, rather than later?

That Is The Very Reason I Wrote

The Entrepreneur Shortcut

I spent years working in my business, not realizing why I was failing...

I had many of the skills I needed...

I was hungry and always learning....


But I still wasn’t making it.


Finally, I found the right help.


I finally found a plan that I knew would work.

The Entrepreneur Shortcut

After implementing just a few simple changes, I began to finally see the massive results I had been dreaming of.


And these changes, they weren’t rocket science.


It really just came down to a few things that I was missing...

Have you ever thought to yourself...

"If I Could Only Learn That Handful Of Needed Skills, That Would Radically Change My Life Forever!

You know, it’s really difficult to go somewhere that you have never been before.


You would think that with all the information on the internet, we would be able to easily find the right advice, the right book, or the right course.


But all that information actually causes analysis paralysis and suddenly you find yourself not knowing which route to take.


...and the overwhelm sets in...

What If You Had The Secrets That Prevent OVERWHELM?

In The Entrepreneur Shortcut, I give you my list of resources.

Resources that I think every entrepreneur should know about.


Instead of digging through the internet, not sure where to go, what to look at, or who to trust... I help guide you through that and into your transformation.

No More Guessing About Who To Listen To
And What To Try Next!

I have also laid this out in an easy-to-follow path. 

A path that I believe gives you the absolute highest chances of success...EARLIER...NOT LATER...

Success Isn't A Genie In A Bottle [BABY]...

Success Is A RECIPE!

A mentor of mine says that “success is actually a recipe.” And that, “if you follow the recipe, you get the dish.”


The Entrepreneur Shortcut is that recipe for budding entrepreneurs!

The Entrepreneur Shortcut!

Most businesses fail in the first 5 years, not because you need a degree from Harvard to be successful, but because people don't know a few key insights (yeah, they probably do teach these insights at Harvard too).

Every Day, 1,700 People Become Millionaires!!  -Forbes

That's NUTS Right!!!?? Guess what... It's YOUR TURN!

With 1700 people becoming millionaires every single day...
It's time to start making that happen in your world! 

You owe yourself this... You owe yourself that life...

...wisping off every other weekend to a tropical beach with your family and friends...

Why Not NOW?

Click the big blue button below to get started on a path to success.

For Only $7.00

Yes... for about the price of a couple coffees, you can get access to a framework that took me 5 years to discover... 

YES NAME! Give Me Instant Access To The Entrepreneur Shortcut RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !

No Matter What Market You're In, The Entrepreneur Shortcut Will Still Apply To You!

In fact, the path to success more of a framework of understandings that help you to get yourself out of the way of your own progress. Changing your thought patterns...your beliefs about what is possible...even how you feel about chances of success...and how to implement these things in your business.

People from every industry and walk of life have found these principles to be invaluable in finding success.

Many people have learned principles & techniques, such as: 

  • Getting the right mindset.

  • Unlocking consistent motivation.

  • Executing consistently.

  • Why thing haven't been working.

  • Better marketing.

  • Getting found online.

  • Finding their WHY.

  • Overcoming doubt.

  • Better leadership.

  • Increasing energy.

  • Better sales skills.

  • Getting more customers.

  • When You Get Your Copy Of The Entrepreneur Shortcut

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    You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!

    Bonus #1

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    How To Make The Most Of Everyday And Maximize Your Odds Of Achieving Success

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    Yes!  An entrepreneur's time is extremely valuable!  Mismanaging your time could be the difference maker between success and utter failure...  Learn pivotal time management techniques that will save you hundreds and thousands of hours over time.  ...it might even save your business.

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    Becoming the kind of entrepreneur that gets consistent WINS is probably the best thing about being an entrepreneur.  Having that tenacity, grit, and fortitude gives you an edge over every aspect of your life.  That is invaluable.

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    Subscription software costs can pile up like like a tax payment, if you're not careful.  One hack I have found to start businesses lean is to utilize lifetime software deals, to lower costs in the beginning.  You can easily save THOUSANDS by using lifetime deals!

    Get entered to win one of multiple lifetime business and marketing softwares!

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    Bonus #4

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    Get Access To Others Who Are Overcoming Challenges - Learn From Each Other & Grow Faster!

    Total Value: $497

    Being an entrepreneur is like voting yourself "on the island" all by yourself for 5 years while you "figure it out" through ups, down, turmoils, and frustrations.  Having a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, who share advice, can save you from hours of untold frustrations, headaches, and even a bit of misery. 

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    There Is NO CATCH!

    You are probably thinking "there must be a catch...what is it?" Well, there simply isn't a catch. Frankly, the reason I'm willing to give this away at this price is that I believe that this can help you to become a better entrepreneur and more successful. 

    There is one other reason I'm giving this away for free. However, that is an insider secret that will be revealed to those who follow the training regimen that I outline in The Entrepreneur Shortcut. 

    Those who do that, will completely understand why I would give all of this away for a mere 7 bucks! ...but I will give you a hint...it's all about providing value.

    Time Is Of The Essence...

    This Is A LIMITED OFFER At This Price.

    It's important to note that this might go up in price at any time, especially if I decide to make this into a course, instead of a book (which is something that I have thought about doing).

    Because of the value you're getting, we are expecting a flood of orders to start rushing in.

    Just imagine being able to trace the footsteps of someone who has learned the hard way, so that you don't have to struggle as much.

    What IMPACT Would That Have On Your Business??

    All For Just Seven Dollars!

    With only seven bucks on the line, and so much to gain, I thought I would point out a few things that cost about $7, but that you probably don't bat an eye at when you purchase: 

    •  1.5 premium coffees
    •  1 hamburger
    •  Phone charging cable

    Don't get me wrong, these are great! ...but they don't give you a recipe for success!


    You Must Act Fast!

    Here Is One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get Today When You Order The Entrepreneur Shortcut.

    I am SO EXCITED for you to dive into this material. The path I lay out in The Entrepreneur Shortcut will change how you think and how you approach your business.  

    No more fumbling along....

    No more not knowing what to do next....

    It's time to achieve your destiny! 

    Thanks again,

    Joshua Farley

    P.S. So, just in case you're also one to skip to the last part of the page to see the what the deal is (like your's truly), here's the deal: 

    You get my complete strategy for learning how to become a successful entrepreneur. But you also get two other trainings, access to our Entrepreneur Mastermind Community, and entered to win lifetime access to various business software, all for just 7 bucks!

    There is really no catch...it's not a subscription or any long term commitment.  Just a one-time low fee of $7, so I know you're serious about growing your business.

    YES NAME! Give Me Instant Access To The Entrepreneur Shortcut RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !

    Everything Your Going To Get

  • Instant Access To The Entrepreneur Shortcut (Value $24)

  • Full Access To Managing Your Time (Value $297)

  • Instant Access To The Entrepreneur Masterclass (Value $297)

  • Entered to Win Lifetime Business Software (Value $1,200)

  • Access To The Entrepreneur Mastermind (Value $497)

  • Total Value: $2,315

    Today Just $7

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